About taxis in Paris

1. Taxi booking

How can I book a taxi?

You can book your taxis from any address in Ile de France in 3 ways:
- call 3607 (0.15€/min)
- on our website
- with our smartphone application TAXIS G7.

How can I be sure that my booking was registered? How can I change or cancel it?

If you booked by phone, all you need to do is to call our Customer Service Centre on 3607 (0.15€/min). Then press 3 to speak to an operator who will answer your requests.
If you have booked via the TAXIS G7 app or on, you can check those details or modify them in your account in the section "Current booking".

2. Waiting time

I have an appointment, a plane to catch. I want to book a taxi but I don't know how long in advance?

Go to and conclut the tool "Route évaluation" to obtain an estimante of the duration of your taxi journing. Attention however, those evaluations are established in normal traffic conditions (they do not consider traffic hasards and other unforeseeable occurrences like exceptionnel meteorological conditions) and are therefore purely indicative. In any case, you should plan a safety margin on that estimated duration. For any booking to stations and airports we recommend that you add a margin of 30 and 45 minutes respectively to the estimated time.

3. Services TAXIS G7


If you need a taxi equipped with a baby seat and/or a booster seat, you can opt for a FamilyCab. When booking you only need to indicate the equipment you need: a baby seat for babies up to 3 years and/or a booster seat for children from 3 to 10 years of age.

My child is not 3 yet, but it weighs 17 kg, can I use your booster seat?


These booster seats are certified "Group 2-3", for children weighing between 15 and 36 kg.

Can my child sit in the booster seat in the front passenger's place?


Those booster seats can only be used at the back.


You can book a taxi that can transport up to 7 persons. You just choose a MaxiCab by specifying the number of passengers.


Since 2004, the HORIZON service of TAXIS G7 provides access to taxi transport to disabled persons with 5000 vehicles with low floors to facilitate boarding access. The TAXIS G7 fleet also includes 120 vehicles with an access ramp to welcome persons in a wheelchair.


TAXIS G7 launched a fleet of ecological taxis in 2007. It consists for 100% of Toyota Prius vehicles with hybrid engines. The fleet is composed of 2000 vehicles that are easily recognisable from their logo on a green background.

Third party payment

You can book a subsidised taxi if you have a doctor's prescription for transport and your benefits certificate is up to date and less than 6 months old. Depending on your situation you could be entitled to third party payment. Approximately 800 of our taxis are authorised for subsidised transport. When you book it is imperative to select a 'Third Party Payment' taxi to benefit from this service.

4. Pick-up

A taxi driver refused to take us because there were 4 of us. Is it legal?


Any Parisian taxi must accept to pick up 4 passengers minimum. It is forbidden for the taxi driver to refuse taking passengers when the authorised number of passengers on the grey card allows it, unless sets have been removed from the vehicule.
Pick up of more than 3 passengers leads to a supplement per additional adult person on top of the fare.

I hailed an empty taxi in the street and the driver did not stop. Is it legal?

To know whether a taxi is vacant you only need to look at the light: if it is lit white or green (for the new lights), the taxi is vacant. If it is switched off or lit red it si taken.
If the taxi you bail is effectively vacant, the driver must stop, unless:
- it is located at less than 50 metres from a taxi rank. In that case, he must go to the rank and join the queue of cars.
- it is located in stations or airports outside the customer pick-up points.

At a taxi rank I wanted to take the 3rd taxi in the queue and the first drivers showed their annoyance. Am I not allowed to choose the taxi I want to take?


Indeed, the customer is free to choose a taxi from the drivers in the queue.

After indicating my destination, a taxi driver whose light showed he was free refused to take me. Did he have the right?

Yes and no.

Taxi drivers are not allowed to refuse passengers, unless:
- he is less than 50 metres away from a rank where taxis wait in a queue
- the customer or the objects they transport could make his car dirty or damage it
- the customer is accompanied by an animal (except blind guide dogs)
- the destination requested by the customer takes him too far from his garage when he is about to finish his shift in the next 1/2 hour
- the customer wishes to be taken beyond the department limits of Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis and Val-de-Marne (except the airports Orly and Roissy CDG).
At the pick-up points of Roissy CDG airport the drivers must take the passengers irrespective of the requested destination.

I am in a very busy location (e.g.: theatre exit, concert venue, theme park etc.) and I wish to book a taxi? How will the driver find me?

Agree on a meeting point slightly removed from the show exit with your driver. Use the geolocalisation on the TAXISG7 app to help you. Find a precise address (no. and street name) and communicate it when booking. This will help you avoiding crowds around your taxi.

5. Waiting

I have booked a taxi through the Customer Booking Centre TAXIS G7. I left the house barely a few minutes late and the taxi has already left. Is the driver not supposed to wait for his customer?

Yes and No.

When a taxi is booked without the passager being on board yet, the regulation states he can leave without waiting if parking is impossible.
A G7 taxi will wait for maximum 5 minutes upon arrival at the address requested by the customer. After 5 minutes, if the customer has not shown up, our Customer Relation Centre will contact him/her to inform that the taxi is still there but ready to leave.

6. Route

I asked the driver to follow a certain route and he answered me he knows his job and definitely Paris better than me. I am the customer, I pay, do I not have the right to choose the route I want to follow?

You are right. Taxi drivers must take the passengers to destination via the route they consider the shortest, unless the passengers indicate another. In that case, the taxi driver must conform with the wish of the passenger.

We have taken a taxi with friends and the driver refused to take a detour to drop us at various places? Is it legal?


Taxi drivers must stop their cars along the way at the request of passengers, let persons get out, or let other persons board.

7. Approach meter

Is it normal that when I book a taxi through the Customer Booking Centre it arrives with a variable fare already displayed on the meter?


It is called the approach meter. When you book a taxi we immediately launch the search for an available taxi.
As soon as a driver confirms the fare, he activates his taximeter in accordance with the regulations. The amount on the approach meter is variable depending on the distance of the taxi to the pick up address and the time required to meet the customer. Regulations permit taxi drivers to refuse to take animals, with the exception of guide dogs.
The TAXIS G7 fleet provides the lowest possible approach fares, due to its great number of taxis: 7700 taxis. Each taxi is geolocalised. The search for a taxi is launched in the taxis that are nearest to the customer.

8. Tariffs - invoicing - payment

A taxi driver has charged me a supplement for the transport of my suitcase. Is that normal?


The tariff already includes a supplement for bulky objects after the first. The first piece of luggage however must be transported free of charge.

What do the lit up letters A/B/C on the roof of the Paris taxis mean?

They indicate the various applicable tariffs to the Paris taxis depending on the time and the place of activity of the taxi. Those letters are at the top, to the right of the hour/kilometric meter so the customer can verify the validity of the applied tariffs.

I hailed a taxi in the street. The meter already displayed an amount. Is that normal?


As soon as you board a taxi the driver activates his taximeter. From then on the regulatory pick up fare will automatically be displayed on the meter.

There were 4 of us in the taxi, the driver has charged extra for the 4th person. Is that normal?


The tariff includes a supplement per person from the 4th person.

I would like a receipt at the end of my journey. Is that possible?


If the amount of the fare is less than €25. For every journey paid directly on board to the driver, it is up to the customer to ask for the receipt at the end of the journey, as the company will not be able to provide it later.
If the customer wants to pay online and get an invoice, it is possible by using the embedded payment function available in the app. The fare will be directly withdrawn from the customer's bank account and he will immediately receive a receipt by email.

I would like to know the price of my journey in advance, is that possible?


You can immediately evaluate the journey price by visiting that page.
For information: this estimate is purely indicative for the price of the journey and is not a quotation. The price displayed on the taximeter is calculated according to the prefect's regulation and also depends on the distance, the necessary time for the taxi driver to drive to your address depending on the traffic hazards.

Is it possible to obtain a receipt for 5 €?


If you book your taxi from our Customer Relation Centre, you only need to mention this information to our operators. If your request relates to a past journey please contact us via the contact section on the website.

Is it possible to pay for my fare by card?


You can pay your fare "in app" when you book via the smartphone application TAXISG7 Private individuals. You only have to enter your bank card details in the app. After your journey the fare will be debited and you will receive the invoice directly by e-mail.

9. Payment methods

I took a taxi and the driver refused that I pay by cheque. Has he got the right?

Yes and no.

If you have not indicated your payment method when booking or if you hailed a taxi in the street, the driver has the right to refuse providing that he has displayed a sign that is clearly visible from the outside that this taxi does not accept cheques.
Hence, if you absolutely wish to pay by cheque, we recommend that you specify it when booking.

I have booked a taxi with TAXIS G7. Once arrived at destination, the driver has refused that payment method, although he was equipped with a card reader. Was he allowed to do that?


Any TAXIS G7 affiliated driver has a card payment terminal and must accept that payment method irrespective of the amount of the fare.

10. Animals

The taxi driver I had booked refused to take me because I have a dog. Is it legal?

Yes and no.

The regulation allows a taxi driver to refuse animals, except a guide dog with a blind person.
Nevertheless, if you have booked your taxi from TAXIS G7 and you have informed us of the presence of your animal, we will allocate a taxi that accepts pets.

11. Bulky objects

I have bought a small piece of furniture in a shop and the taxi driver refused to let me board his vehicle. Has he got the right?


Taxi drivers have the right to refuse luggage that cannot be manually transported. They are not authorised to load luggage or parcels that could soil or damage the carpets and seats or leave a bad smell behind.
However, once the luggage accepted, the driver must transport them to the destination.
In any case, the driver is not obligated to participate in loading/unloading bulky parcels.
For safety reasons we recommend to advise from the start and to ask the opinion of our operator who will confirm (or not) if your request is "acceptable" and send you, if necessary, an estate car or a MaxiCab better adapted to your needs.

12. Lost objects

Did you find my lost object in a taxi?

Go to the contact section of, select the category “lost object”, indicate the requested information and our teams will answer you a.s.a.p.
You can also contact our Customer Relation Centre on 01 41 27 55 63 available 24/7 if you booked your taxi
through us.
If that is not the case, we recommend to contact the lost property department of the Police Headquarters on
0821 00 25 25 where Parisian taxi drivers must hand in forgotten objects in their vehicle within 48 hours.

13. Miscellaneous

I asked a taxi driver to turn the radio volume down as it annoyed me and he refused. Should he not comply with the wishes of his customers?

You are right. The taxi driver must comply with your wish to switch on the radio and adjust the volume.

Taxis and safety belts, what are the rules?

Article R.412-1 of the Highway Code states that any driver or passenger of a vehicle must wear a safety belt. However, wearing a safety belt is not mandatory for the taxi driver in service.

Can a pregnant woman in labour take a taxi?

We recommend that you explain your situation to our operator when booking. Our Customer Relation Centre will then proceed with searching a taxi driver who accepts to transport you fully informed. If the urgency of the situation requires it, we recommend that you used an ambulance service.

Can a minor take a taxi on their own?


We recommend that you indicate it when booking with our operator. Furthermore, we invite you to:
- have the child accompanied by an adult to the taxi,
- provide us with a telephone number of an adult responsible for the child,
- communicante the name of the person who will welcome the child on arrival at destination.

How to apply for a job with TAXIS G7?

You can consult the list of job vacancies or send a spontaneous application by going to the section "Careers and jobs" of the website