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Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

S.N.G.T., hereinafter referred to as the COMPANY, a French public limited company with capital of 3,446,720 euros, whose registered office is at 22/28, rue Henri Barbusse in CLICHY (92110), registered under number 324 379 866 with the Register of Trade and Companies (RCS) in Nanterre, runs a central radio control centre for taxis under the brand name TAXIS G7, affiliated with independent taxi drivers in Paris. The COMPANY puts the CUSTOMER in contact with its affiliated taxi drivers in Paris, who provide the transport services requested by the CUSTOMER on their own behalf and under their own responsibility.

These general terms and conditions apply to requests for taxis made by the CUSTOMER to the COMPANY by telephone, on the Internet via the website taxisg7.fr, by mobile Internet or via the COMPANY's dedicated software applications.

These general terms and conditions do not apply to customers who have entered into specific subscription contracts with the COMPANY

Article 1 : Service provided by the COMPANY

The service provided by the COMPANY consists of locating, on behalf of the CUSTOMER, a taxi available in the area of the request based on the information provided by the CUSTOMER.

Article 2 : Taxi bookings

2.1 : Immediate bookings
Having specified that their request is immediate, the CUSTOMER must provide details of the specific journey they wish to make. The COMPANY then carries out an immediate analysis of the number of taxis available in the area requested and the surrounding areas. Provided there is a taxi available, the COMPANY gives the CUSTOMER an estimated time for the taxi to arrive, based on taxi availability, and immediately proceeds to identify a particular vehicle.

In the event that the CUSTOMER is put on hold whilst their taxi is confirmed and hangs up for any reason before receiving their confirmation, their request is automatically cancelled.

2.2 : Advance bookings
A request in advance, known as a "booking", consists of the COMPANY logging a taxi request made by the CUSTOMER within a maximum of fourteen days and a minimum of one hour before their journey time. This is not a booking for a specific taxi, but a log of a taxi request scheduled by the COMPANY to be fulfilled between 15 and 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time depending on the pick-up point, the type of taxi requested and the expected traffic conditions. The COMPANY reserves the right to refuse requests in advance on certain days, at certain times or in certain geographical areas depending on the number of requests already logged and/or estimates of the likely availability of taxis.

2.3 : Terms of booking
For each request in advance, the CUSTOMER specifies the nature of the request, the day, time, address and details of the route and the name of the passenger. The CUSTOMER is given an order number, which must be retained and quoted to the COMPANY's call centre by telephone in the event of the request being amended or cancelled. If the CUSTOMER wishes to cancel or amend their order they must do so at least one (1) hour before the scheduled pick-up time.

In the event that no taxi has arrived within five (5) minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, the CUSTOMER must phone the COMPANY's call centre immediately on +33(0)1 47 39 47 39 or on 3607 (€0.15 /min) for information on when the taxi will arrive or the progress made in locating a taxi.

2.4 : Passenger pick-up
The CUSTOMER must get into the taxi as soon as it arrives at the address indicated for immediate requests, or at the agreed time for requests made in advance.
If the passenger is not there:
- the taxi driver is deemed to be entitled to leave five minutes after the agreed time without further notice.
Payment for the journey must be made to the taxi driver in the amount shown on the meter. In the event of it being impossible to pay the driver on mission directly, the COMPANY will send the CUSTOMER an invoice for the unpaid journey on behalf of the driver, which the CUSTOMER undertakes to settle with the COMPANY by return.

2.5 : Specific vehicle
Where the CUSTOMER requests a specific type of vehicle, the COMPANY will do its utmost to locate a taxi of the kind requested. Where no such vehicle is available, the COMPANY reserves the right to send another type of taxi, including, if necessary, two vehicles instead of one, depending on the amount of luggage and number of people to be transported. In this event the Customer must pay the price of the journey to each of the two drivers.

Article 3 : Pricing terms and conditions

3.1 : Phone bookings
This service is free of charge except for requests in advance for a pick-up on Mondays to Fridays during the hours of 07:00 to 10:00 and from 17:00 to 21:00. Each booking is charged at €5 incl. tax, payable by bank card at the time of the call. The COMPANY reserves the right to amend the times referred to above at any time and without prior notice.

The COMPANY will send the CUSTOMER an invoice for this amount at the CUSTOMER's request.

3.2 : On Line bookings
The orders of cabs can be placed immediately without buying points or in advance for an outlet of points indicated in “My points”. Reservations or orders in advance during rush hours (from Monday to Friday, between 7 AM and 10AM and between 5PM to 9 PM) works with the system of “points counter”, debited as you order. The rate is set out in a tariff that has been issued and published in accordance to the section “My points” and is in effect. The period of validity of points is one year maximum, from the date of the purchase.
The CUSTOMER is entitled to close their account at any time and to request reimbursement of their balance from the COMPANY.

Article 4 : COMPANY liability

The COMPANY's liability is limited to providing a taxi-finding service for the address indicated by the CUSTOMER.

The COMPANY will do its utmost to find an available taxi for the CUSTOMER within the shortest possible time.

The COMPANY may not be held liable if it is not possible to locate a taxi due to there none being available, including in the case of a "booking" as referred to in article 2.2.

In the event that it is not possible to make a taxi available within 30 minutes of the CUSTOMER's call, however, the COMPANY would reimburse the CUSTOMER for any booking fees or credit the points debited back to the CUSTOMER's account (cf. article 3).

The COMPANY may not be held liable in the event of an occurrence of force majeure and more generally in the following cases: computer breakdown or failure of telecommunications networks preventing access to online services, strikes, demonstrations, bad weather, a traffic accident causing traffic congestion or a traffic jam on an unusual scale.

The provision of transport services is the responsibility of the taxi driver. The COMPANY cannot be held liable in the event of a delay attributable to the taxi driver who has accepted the job, or non-performance or poor performance of the service by the driver.

Estimated journey times provided to the CUSTOMER by the COMPANY at the CUSTOMER's request are based on standard times, for which the COMPANY may not be held liable under any circumstances. For important journeys and/or journeys to railway stations and airports, it is the CUSTOMER's responsibility to allow sufficient contingency for traffic or other possible problems. The COMPANY recommends that the CUSTOMER allow additional contingency of 30 minutes for journeys to railway stations and 45 minutes for journeys to airports under normal traffic conditions and cannot be held liable for the consequences of particular traffic conditions.

Article 5 : Booking taxis in the French provinces and abroad

Where a specific service is required, the COMPANY may offer to put the CUSTOMER in contact with the COMPANY's partners for requests for taxi journeys outside the Paris region, elsewhere in France or abroad.

In this case, the COMPANY is acting solely in the capacity of an intermediary and will put the CUSTOMER in contact with Centraux Radio Taxi centres, who will deal with requests for taxis under their own responsibility and in accordance with their own general terms and conditions.

The COMPANY may not be held liable for any damage or harm caused whatsoever, insofar as taxi orders are handled by and under the responsibility of local Centraux de Radio Taxi centres.

The COMPANY may not be held liable for any failure to put the CUSTOMER in contact with the Central Radio Taxi centre for reasons beyond its control, in particular in the event of a computer and/or telecommunications breakdown, strike, demonstration, bad weather or in the event of the centre being unavailable.

Article 6 : Provisions specific to on line bookings

6.1 Cookies
The CUSTOMER acknowledges that they have been made aware of the use of a "temporary cookie" for the purpose of identifying visitors during their session after they have logged in. The cookie will be stored in memory and will remain active until the visitor ends their session, either by clicking on the relevant button on the home page for online orders or by closing their browser completely (cookies are then normally removed automatically). Although this is not recommended, the CUSTOMER can block the use of cookies without limiting their access to the site by configuring their browser appropriately.

6.2 Payment
Payment for online services is made via a secure card payment system using the SCELLIUS system run by the French post office, LA POSTE. Payment transactions are completed by the CUSTOMER in accordance with banking security standards. Thanks to the encryption system used, the bank details entered by the CUSTOMER (bank card number and expiry date) cannot be intercepted by third parties.
By entering their bank details, the CUSTOMER accepts in advance and unconditionally that the COMPANY will proceed to process a secure transaction. The CUSTOMER therefore authorises its bank in advance to debit its account on the basis of records or statements submitted by the COMPANY, even in the absence of slips signed by the card holder in person. The CUSTOMER has seven working days to withdraw, as from the day on which an order is placed.

In the case of services offered through the iPhone ® application, priority points will be paid to the CUSTOMER's Apple Store account using the "In App Purchase" function in the iPhone ® application. These points can only be used for taxi orders placed using the iPhone ® application.

6.3 Service availability
The COMPANY does its utmost to ensure the online ordering service is available on a quasi-permanent basis, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Nonetheless, it reserves the right to suspend the service, with or without notice, for operational reasons.

Access to the service is also dependent on the CUSTOMER's use of adequate computer resources, an appropriate web browser (list of compatible browsers available on request) or a hardware- and software-compatible smartphone (the CUSTOMER may contact the COMPANY for the recommended setting or settings).

6.4 Intellectual property
In accordance with the French Intellectual Property Code, all elements used on the website or applications (layouts, images, texts, logos, databases and programmes) are owned outright and in their entirety by the COMPANY, except for elements (notably logos), provided by the partners of the COMPANY.

Article 7 : Provisions specific to bookings for taxis accessible by people with reduced mobility

7.1 Vehicles offered
The COMPANY offers the CUSTOMER the option of ordering taxis specially adapted for the transport of disabled people.

This service is known as "G7 Horizon" and is provided by taxi drivers whose vehicles are equipped with access ramps or a tailgate for access for people in manual or electric wheelchairs.

The maximum authorised weight for a fully equipped wheelchair and its occupant is 250 kg. The maximum dimensions are 67 cm wide, 1.20 m long and 1.35 m high including the occupant.

7.2 Methods of booking
G7 Horizon orders must be placed by telephone. The COMPANY has installed a dedicated priority line for this purpose on +33 (0)1 47 39 00 91. In order to help locate an appropriate taxi, the COMPANY will determine the profile of the Passenger and their particular requirements with the help of the Caller when they place their first order. Full information on the identity of the Passenger, the nature of their disability, the type of vehicle required and any additional information the Caller deems necessary to provide to ensure the appropriate type of transport is then stored in S.N.G.T.'s files. The Caller is then given a reference number. This reference number should be quoted by the Caller for all subsequent orders. The name, address and telephone numbers of the Passenger or Caller are also recorded.

7.3 Liability
Neither the COMPANY nor the taxi driver may be held liable under any circumstances if the Passenger must be accompanied by a guardian or companion and they are absent, if the vehicle is not sufficiently accessible, if the Passenger's wheelchair is unable to enter the taxi, if the taxi is unable to park in accordance with the French Highway Code on the public highway close to the address where the Passenger is to be picked up, if the relevant weight and dimensions are in excess of the limits specified in article 7.1 of these general terms and conditions or if, for any reasons beyond their control whatsoever, the taxi driver is unable to pick up the Passenger.
The provision of transport services, from when the passenger enters the vehicle to when they get out, is the exclusive responsibility of the taxi driver.
The Passenger shall bear sole responsibility for any request for special help made by the Passenger to the taxi driver in addition to solely providing a transport service for the Passenger in the event of any accident or damage occurring whilst such help is being provided.

Article 8 : Amendments

The COMPANY reserves the right to amend the general terms and conditions for the use of its services without prior notice.

Article 9 : Personal data

The CUSTOMER is hereby informed and accepts that the COMPANY reserves the right to record and retain, for evidential purposes and in order to optimise the efficiency of its order management process, any information relating to the calls received by its Call Centre, the CUSTOMER's identity and taxi journeys made, and in particular:

  • - the telephone number provided by the CUSTOMER
  • - a recording of their telephone conversation
  • - passengers' last names and first names, pick-up address and e-mail address
  • - detailed information on the journey made

To exercise this right, the CUSTOMER may either, as they prefer, send an e-mail via the COMPANY's website or send the COMPANY a letter addressed to S.N.G.T.: 22, rue Henri Barbusse 92110 CLICHY, France.

It is hereby stated that the COMPANY ensures the confidentiality of any personal data provided by the CUSTOMER, and in particular any data relating to the specific information requested when processing an order.

In accordance with French law no. 78-17 of 06 January 1978, the CUSTOMER has the right to access and remove the data recorded in the file created by the COMPANY.

The COMPANY may also use personal data relating to the CUSTOMER to send them offers which may be of interest to them. Under the terms of the Loi Informatique et Libertés (the French data protection act), however, the CUSTOMER has the right to refuse to be sent unsolicited e-mail marketing documents by sending an e-mail or writing to S.N.G.T. 22, rue Henri Barbusse 92110 CLICHY, France.

Article 10 : Applicable law - Jurisdiction

These general terms and conditions are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute over the construction, performance or fulfilment of services ordered online and in the event of a failure to reach an out-of-court settlement and if the CUSTOMER is a commercial enterprise, said dispute will be referred exclusively to the Commercial Court in Nanterre.